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Drainage System

In Malaysia, as much as 30 cm of rain can fall in a single month. Without adequate drainage, flash flooding can cause extensive damage to both private and commercial property. Over the years, we have installed precast culvert/u-drains, cast in-situ concrete drains, manholes and tidal control gates.

General works - lagoon sludge cleaning and ditch / river cleaning

Many wastewater lagoons suffer from excess lagoon sludge accumulation. That being the case, wastewater lagoon sludge treatment is a common challenge for wastewater lagoons worldwide. Excess lagoon sludge can lead to higher effluent levels of BOD, TSS and ammonia along with some terrible lagoon odors.

Maintenance work - repainting and general repair of the building

We are a total-solution provider specializing in Painting, Waterproofing, Interior fitting-out, Addition and alteration building works for all industrial, commercial and residential developments. We aim to provide a total solution with on-time delivery for General Contractor Services.

Building cleaning and maintenance services

We provide the best possible 24hrs full time skilled cleaners on site to maintain general cleanliness and hygiene in the premise. Our operation expertise will also look into the best use of equipment and technology to improve on the efficiency of work and reduce the headcounts. Our diverse team will supervise and execute task to the best of their knowledge. Work on lean manpower and right use of equipment

Landscape maintenance and lawn mowing

To be the best we invest in our business to ensure that we have the right equipment, skills, accreditation and experience to deliver commercial landscaping projects for public bodies, construction companies, landscape architects and facility management companies efficiently, on time and on budget.

Supply of consumable parts

Our network of construction equipment and construction machinery manufacturers, availability of job-site supports, and provision of product training and well-equipped application knowledge, uniquely positions us to help business partners fulfil their professional requirements. Organizations turn to us to customize products, services, and construction solutions to respond to specific functions for the best results.

Works related to agriculture

A more complex approach to IoT products in agriculture can be represented by the so-called farm productivity management systems. They usually include a number of agricultures IoT devices and sensors, installed on the premises as well as a powerful dashboard with analytical capabilities and in-built accounting/reporting features. This offers remote farm monitoring capabilities and allows you to streamline most of the business operations.

Works related to engineering

Our job is to help make our clients as competitive as possible by coming up with innovative technological solutions and by offering engineering expertise throughout all the development stages of a project, from conceptual to commissioning phases. Our team lead the field in research and development consulting and engineering, supporting key accounts in industry as they implement their scientific and technical projects.

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